Thulusdhoo Trip 2012


After spending a quality time with saaim , siraa & najaaa at Usfasgandu, we decided to go beck suna’s place. At 4:06 am we arrived to her place…still waiting for her…

While we were waiting for her, Najaah got to “pee” I can see he is holding his bladder… he is working in a  circle  to control … at 4 :10 am  najaah   is  still searching  for  his destiny, in this case  a toilet.

At 4:12 am, we entered   suna’s apartment, suna inform that Ms Shaan is in the Bathroom. Now it’s my time to use the toilet… At the time I entered the toilet I met ms Shaan. Suna didn’t introduce us properly. Siraa got the “pee” still waiting, hmmm…. He is holding it sooo bad…

   Asked siraa about the time… it was 4:23 am. I can’t believe that still we haven’t sleep the whole night… soo Energetic… while wating for suna… Ms Shan & saaim complain that ladies are very slow as snails.

Najah want to get some fish, but I and siraa disagreed with him…. Also he whispered that he still hasn’t taken a shower since   this morning… saaim & najaa eager to play ball…. Sriaa Shouted   this isn’t a play ground.

Najah Want change his name to “shine”… because all  the others  starts  their names with  the letter “s” najaah  is  still  discussing  about the trip- cause only 6 attended  and others  cancelled sadly some  said  they  didn’t  recover from Tooth Operation.

Some didn’t pick up the phone …

The pickup arrived at 4:40 am…

pick up arrived 1

 We had a bumpy ride to our destination; it was Scary… by the time suna kindly   request to buy some short eats….


Now we are ready to ROCK AND ROLL…

Thought we had rough time in the parking zone… I see the wonder of dawn… It’s just too good to be true. How carmines to touch the morning mist …


 We all are waiting for the sunrise, just like we hope for better future. I hope today is sunny I never thought   it’s going to be this relaxing. Sitting tip of the   dhoani, and drink a redbull. It’s just too relaxing and we took some pictures with beautiful sunrise

after that we enjoyed playing UNO…


.I felt sleepy and lay down…


 At 6:22 we could see Tuhlusdhoo, Dhoani Captain told us that we will reach their by   7:30 am

dhoani Captain

dhoani Captain

After several hours at sea we arrive to Thulusdhoo…Mr. Zakitey (our local guide) was there to greet us…

our local  guide

our local guide

 First thing we saw old shipwreck & and also we notice the island was Clean as whistle…


Our guide Show us, Maldives Coca-Cola Factory… we took some pictures there…

coca cola Factory

coca cola Factory

  I also found a custom office   for thulusdhoo only…maybe it was for the safari & cruise that arrived almost every day…..

custom office

custom office

After taking several shots we reach our room… spending  10 minutes in the room at  8:am we decided to  play  football  on  the beach ..


 We discovered a small pond that was connected to the sea… The Local called it “ mas Fengadu” which means   fish pond.


We took several pictures and we decided to go to that shipwreck

5 minutes spend on walking… The tide was too strong for us, after struggling we manage to get closer & took few shots…


At the end of the island     there was sand bank, we played football there me (sadhad), siraa, Najaah… one Team Suna, Shaan, Saaim the other Team…..

foot ball

 After that   we spend few minutes taking pictures & decided to go the famous coke point, an inhabited island well known among surfers

DSC_0137 DSC_0057 DSC_0059 DSC_0070 DSC_0997

 by Sadhad hakeem