Islamic Sayings and Meanings


When you meet a Muslim:    السَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ‎‎
Meaning: Peace be upon you

When a Muslim Greets you First: وعليكم السلام
Meaning: And Peace be upon you

When starting to do something: Bismillah
Meaning: In the name of Allah

When intending to do something: InshaAllah
Meaning: If Allah wills

When taking an oath: Wallah or Billah
Meaning: Swearing to Allah

When something is being praised: SubhanaAllah
Meaning: Glory be to Allah

When in Pain and Distress: Ya Allah
Meaning: O’Allah

When expressing appreciation: MashaAllah
Meaning: That which Allah wills

When thanking someone: Jazak Allah khair
Meaning: May Allah reward

When awakening from sleep: La-Ilaha Ill Allah
Meaning: There is none worthy of worship except Allah alone

When sneezing: Alhamdulilah
Meaning: All praise be to Allah

When someone else sneezes: Yar-Hamuk-Allah
Meaning: May Allah bestow His mercy on you

When repenting of a sin: Astagh-firullah
Meaning: May Allah forgive

When giving to Charity: Fi-Sabi-lilah
Meaning:For the sake of Allah

When having love for someone: Lihub-Billah
Meaning: May be love of Allah

When Getting Married: Aman-to-Billah
Meaning: I believe in Allah

When a problem appears: Tawak-kalto Al-Allah
Meaning: I trust in Allah

When unpleasantness occurs: Authu-Billah
Meaning: I seek refuge in Allah

When pleasantness appears: Fata-Barak Allah
Meaning: Allah blessed us

When participating in prayer: Ameen
Meaning: May Allah answer

When parting from someone: Fi Aman Allah
Meaning: May Allah protect

When Death message is received: Inna-Lillahi-Wa-Inna-Lilahi-Rajim
Meaning: To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return