What a Wonderful World?


We all live in an era of modern and industry. The birth of money had brought an immense changes to people lives ,what is significant is that some had become rich as kings and some had fallen poor as beggars.

In modern times, people have become so much money minded that they do everything and anything for the sake of money. People have become so much materialistic with money, some even choose money over their family and friends. People work as ants to get a single penny.

Imagine without money! Would the world be a bitter place if there was no money, people don’t have to go office to work every day. There would be no worries about how you are going to pay for rent, fees, and taxes etc.… Certainly there are so many things that money cannot buy. People are busy as bees .Working twenty four hours a day, seven days a week by neglecting their beloved family and friends-No quality and productive time is spent with the loved ones. As a result the relationships between love and friends are hindered. The love and happiness of them is least considered as money.

We often tie happiness and money closely together. The connection between happiness or emotional well-being and money or income is concluded that high income buys life satisfaction but not happiness. Although high income might not bring on eternal happiness, it can get a certain threshold of happiness, to a certain extent. Maternal goods may last longer, but a life experiences like family trips, family friend’s dinners provide more satisfaction and happiness in the run as an everlasting sweet memories. These kind of satisfaction or happiness cannot be measured or valued in money.

The emotional reward acquired last longer than a tangible good. Most of the cases it is seemed that rich and wealthy people’s humbleness and hominy is lower than, so called “poor” people. The rich become stingy and cunning as foxes.

People will be living happily as a sunflower on a sunny day without the fear of getting robbed or looted. People won’t be envy as an enemy just for a single piece of paper .Evil acts like corrupts practices, modern thefts, frauds and other social evils will vanish as a wind blows, if there is no money .People will be much humble as a lamb.

If there is no money, happiness will prevail as the colors of a rainbow. People will live free as bright as sunshine.